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Families In Recovery


Lori has over 30 years of personal chemical dependency recovery. As an addiction expert Lori has assisted the recovery of individuals and families  in a variety of setting from private practice, to outpatient and residential treatment centers located throughout  Colorado, and at CeDAR University of Colorado Hospital Aurora CO. 

When CeDAR opened in 2003, Lori led the leadership team that created  the 5-day Family Program for parents and family members of those residing at CeDAR's in-patient substance use disorders center. 

She facilitated the Family Program sessions and  guided the presentations for the patient's and their families; with the goal of supporting the healing, growth and recovery of all, not just the patient when they returned home after treatment. 

Healing individuals and promoting healthy families is Lori's mission in her founding 

Snow Leopard Counseling. 

Telecare Recovery Support


Mobile phone support for clients is a relative new field for assisting stabilization and relapse prevention in the early post-rehab stages of a new life free of alcohol and drugs. 

Lori’s weekly phone visits provide motivation, direction, and accountability during the critical first 30 to 180 days of recovery. 

Her compassionate listening skills and wise expertise assists an individual in utilizing the tools learned in treatment, along with logical goal setting to promote daily activities and behaviors for recovery. 

The portability of telecare eliminates childcare, adds freedom for travel, while receiving phone support and advice. 

Call Lori for more information about how this innovative aftercare program has worked for hundreds' of individuals. 

Treatment works~

Telecare enhances treatment~   



Bringing the 'bottom' up to the person bound by their addictions is a time-tested method of beginning an end to the helplessness, depression, and insanity. We all know that doing the same thing and expecting different results is the definition of insanity especially for those living with and around substance abuse disorders.

 Interventions work when conducted by an addiction professional who has the experience and skills to structure the process for containing the family in a healthy and positive manner. During the intervention the individual is helped in channeling resistive energy into a listening process allowing concerned family members to paint the picture of the environment of active drinking and drugging by their loved-one. 

There is a way out, there is relief, there is freedom from addictions, and long-term recovery. 

Consult with Lori to learn of the processes for you as the individual willing to take action. Recovery begins when you make the call today! 


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The Magic of Knowing You Have Been Heard Accurtately

Individual Counseling


One-on-one therapy at Snow Leopard is tailored to your unique needs. With Lori assisting, you can find a new freedom from destructive cycles of repeating behaviors that reinforce shame, stop new relationships before they begin, or ending relationships that can be saved. By your willingness in commissioning existing energy you can recover happiness, success, and pride in oneself, and in others you are attempting to love or receiving the love that eludes you. 

Call to discuss your unique needs and desires to learn how Lori may be of assistance in achieving the life you yearn for and deserve each day. 

Assisting a child's voice


Families often fall into unconscious roles when addictive behaviors rule the house. Everyone takes a back-seat when confronted with the chaos, rudeness, invisibility, and abuse of addiction in the family dynamic. Lori’s communication style is for each voice to have a place in the circle of life, helping to lower the conscious and unconscious defensive skill-sets of each person in the family and empowering children to voice their truth and realities. Lori works with your family in the home where “life-happens”. Caregivers love not having to arrange childcare, bundling the kids off to yet another appointment, and loosing time getting there and back. A call to Lori will explain how in-home family counseling may work for you and your children. We can help you overcome these symptoms and guide you through the process of grief and healing. 


Intimate Relationships


After helping families in recovery for years, Lori is passionate about watching the 'magic' as a family is victorious over the destructive behaviors of addictions. These behaviors are replaced with time-proven skills and tools for restoring sobriety, rekindling  passion, and manifesting joy within a conscious and intentional framework provided by Imago Relationship Therapy. The programing is offered via web-based sites, in-person coaching and counseling, weekend seminars and intensive retreats for couples and families..

Lori is an Imago Advanced Clinician and Workshop presenter, certified by Imago Relationships International; created and founded by Harville Hendrix PhD., the author of numerous books for building joyous intentional relationships for individuals, couples and families. Lori has utilized Imago Relationship theory and therapy for over 25 years because it works (if you are willing to work-it!) 

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